Huawei going big… aiming even bigger

Huawei has been an aggressive player in the region for quite a while now. With new innovations under the sleeve, Huawei has been punching and pushing competition with a new iteration of phones, laptops and wearables. This year it has brought out several such devices. Leading the way for Huawei this time is the P30 Series. P30 Series consists of three devices: P30 Pro, P30 and P30 Lite.

As the model denotes, P30 Pro is spearheading this series with features and specs that are bound to sweat the competition. P Series made headlines a few years back when it brought out P9 with Leica camera. Ever since that, photography enthusiasts globally have been keeping a keen eye on each iteration of the P Series.

This year wasn’t an exception: P30, thanks to the buffed up specs, probably has made itself a clear competitor of Samsung, Google and Apple’s flagship camera phones. The key feature of the P30 is three cameras on the back, and one of them has a 5x periscopic zoom (Mate 20 Pro had the 3x zooming lens).

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